The Ministry of Rev. Marvin Hembree (1983-1988):  In early 1983, Rev. Marvin Hembree became the pastor.  He was already retired; but everyone loved him much, they asked him to be their permanent full-time pastor, and he agreed......was the brother of long time member, James Hembree.....his wife Avolonia....He was a good preacher with a strong voice, even in his older years.  He had a wonderful and prosperous ministry.  The attendance started picking up, and several began joining the church, including Grady and B.J. McCombs......ordained Grady as deacon during his ministry at NLBC.(2)


Church Sound Equipment:  Several things were accomplished during the Rev. Hembree ministry.  First of all, on September 23, 1984, the church voted to spend $800 for a tape ministry.  This included a tape deck, duplicator, sound equipment, and tapes.  Rudy Cox operated the equipment during the services, and Oscar Daniel took on the ministry of carrying the tapes to shut-ins.  (2)


Organ Dedication Service:  Rev. Hembree told me, "A few years back, Rev. Jerry Smith started an organ fund, and we continued that by raising enough money to purchase one.  The music director at Hampton Heights Baptist Church, Mrs. Freeman, had the organ in her home, and she sold it to us."  The church then invited the Smith family back on June 1, 1986, to dedicate the new organ to the memory of Rev Jerry Smith. The North Greenville Baptist Association Director of Missions, Rev. Leon Johnson, preached in that service;  Rev. Smith's wife, Mary Kathryn, unveiled a memorial plaque that was placed on the organ;  Mrs.. Phyllis Cannon came to play a concert of songs on the new organ.  Genobia Hall, as Chairman of the Music Committee, read the following words in the service:  "On behalf of the music committee, we offer this organ to the NLBC, asking that it be dedicated to the memory of Rev. Jerry W. Smith, who served us as Pastor from June 1, 1969 to October 26, 1982, and to the glory of God."  (2)

The Handicap Ramp:  ....much needed because some of the elderly and physically challenged members needed an easier way to get into the church.  Mr. Joey Metcalf was hired to do the work.... (2)

Dedication of the Church Refrigerator:  ...the church upgraded the kitchen....Rev Hembree knew Mrs. Kathleen Trammel Cox who wanted to give the church some money in memory of her parents.....a plaque....."In memory of Mrs. Mary Eugenia Boswell Trammell and Ernest Ralph Trammell by Ralph C. Trammell and Mrs. Kathleen Trammell Cox."

Pews in the Sanctuary was covered.

Incorporation:  NLBC became incorporated on Feb 11, 1986.  The certificate of incorporation was signed and sealed by John T. Campbell, Secretary of State, and by the following members of the church:  Rev. Marin C. Hembree, Ray McAuley, Rudy Cox, and Dot McAuley.  The Secretary of State said, "I, John Campbell, Secretary of State, by virtue of the authority in me vested....I do hereby declare the said organization to be a body politic and corporate, with all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities, and subject to all the limitations and liabilities, conferred by said Chapter 31, Title 33, Code of 1976 and Acts amendatory thereto." 


The Nineties Club:  On October 18, 1987, Hembree led the church to start a "Hall of Fame" called the "Nineties Club" for members who turn ninety years old, and the first one inducted was Mrs. Carey Poole.  He wrote in the bulletin for that day, "Today we give recognition and honor to Mrs. Carey Poole, who wonderfully blessed her with wisdom and strength,  she has been a blessing to this community and church and continues to inspire and challenge us by her faithfulness to the Lord and His church."  They gave her a plaque commemorating the event...Others......Mrs. Orrie Vaughan in 1994... (2)

The Senior Adult Group:  Under Rev. Hembree's leadership, a ministry was started for the senior adults.  One of the first objectives was to buy a van, so they had a hot dog sale to raise some money.  Rev. Hembree also furnished some fish, cooked it himself, and they raised money on a fish fry.......purchased a van.  They used it for several outings, including trips to Cherokee, NC, and Mount Mitchell.  They also went to Shoney's in Greer once a monthly for breakfast.  Oscar and Mary Daniels's usually drove the van.....Rev. Hembree and his brother James built some homemade instruments, and the group used them to form a band.  Genobia Hall and Pat Bishop played the piano; Rev. Hembree played a bass fiddle made or of an old drum; James Hembree played a drum made out of a wash tub with a horn on it; Oscar Daniel played a guitar; Hazel Henderson played the tambourines; Winston and Betty Stephenson played wooden blocks with sand paper; George Henderson played an old washboard.  The singers were Mary Daniel, Elizabeth Funk, Parylee Center, Northern McKinney, Carey Poole, Dewey and Pat Bishop, Ruby Bowen, Flora McCarson, Annabelle Hines, Flora Simpson, Maude Ellison, Irene Hembree, Avolonia Hembree, Dub and Jean Poole.  This fun band and choir went to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Union and Victor Methodist Church in Greer to sing and play.  They all wore matching T-Shirts and truly had a good time.  The group sang and played many different songs, but one in particular was a favorite to them all,  It was written by Genobia Hall.......It's age, Its's age....that slows the whole world down....(Chorus)..We're limp-ing o'er the high-ways.....2... It's "S", (social security) It's "S" that helps you shop around.....3.  The 'third", the "third....makes us all jump....It prayer, Its prayer...that helps to take us thru (2) 


The Ministry of Rev. Lewis McKinney (1989-1991):  Rev. Hembree told me, "Lewis McKinney was a friend of mine who had recently moved back in to the area from somewhere up north, and he wanted some work; so I suggested him to the church."  McKinney said, "I had retired form 43 years in the ministry, but was still pastoring smaller churches.  The pulpit committee and I arranged for me to preach at Piedmont Park Baptist Church. They came to hear me preach, met with me the next week for discussion and then arranged for me to preach at NLBC the next Sunday at which time the church voted to call me to be their pastor."  ...wife Frances was the music director during their time at NLBC....Rev McKinney told me....greatest accomplishment was two-fold:  (a) building a very close and loving relationship with the congregation, and (b) leading the congregation to accept and appreciate a strong teaching ministry....(2)


The Ministry of rev. Roy Forrest (1992; 93-95):  ...recently retired from Locust Hill.....interim pastor until May 1992.

The Ministry of Rev. Eddie Saxon (1992-1993):  The pulpit committee, composed of Grady McCombs, Mary Daniel and Don Hall.....They went to Southside Baptist Church in Greet to hear Rev.  Saxon.  He then preached a trail sermon, and the church called him.  Rev. Saxon was the youngest pastor (in his twenties) that NLBC had in a number of years, and the enthusiasm was high.  It was his first church....was a strong preacher who used his voce with authority as he preached.  He and his family were also the first to live in the parsonage since the Smith family....(2)


Air Conditioning in the Educational Building:  The following is a copy of the minutes of July 4, 1993:  "The NLBC met in monthly conference ...Rev Saxon presided...Grady McCombs recommend that the present furnace in the Educational building be replaced, two (4 ton) cooling units be installed, and the ducts wrapped.  This equipment should take care of the heating and cooling for the building.  The cost is approximately $9540.  To cover the cost, we further recommend that $10,000 be taken from our American capital Government Securities-A account.  The motion carried.  Grady McCombs....also brought a recommendation from the Board:  "We recommend that a wireless mike be bought to be used by the pastor, at a cost of approximately $275.  This motion was seconded and carried....Respectfully submitted, Frances Cox, Assistant Church Clerk." (2)

The Copiers:  ....Vivian McCombs...was able to obtain a used copier from a supplier to the company she worked for. (2)

Visitor Signs in the Parking Lot

The Second Interim of Rev. Roy Forrest (1993-1995):  The church recalled Rev. Roy Forrest as interim pastor.  He and his wife Martha were loved and appreciated so much in the first interim that there was no question he was the one they wanted again. ....He started a good organized visitation program, got the people involved, and several joined as a result.  Among the ones who joined during this time were the Jeffords family. (2)


The Revival of Discipleship Training:  Rev. Forrest also was very instrumental in reviving the Discipleship Training Program.  Many members took tow or three courses a year, and the church was honored for their efforts at the associational annual meeting 1994.  A certificate was presented to the church which said:  "Discipleship Training Growth Recognition.  Presented to NLBC by North Greenville Association---1994.  In recognition of largest percent of enrollment gain." 

Giving to the Janie Chapman State Offering:  Then, also in 1994, the church received this special certificate from he SCBC:  "Certificate of Recognition Presented to NLBC---by the SCBC--for ranking among the top twenty churches in per capita giving thought the Janie Chapman State offering during 1994."  (2)

Pioneer Homecoming Day:  Rev Forest also led the church in a special homecoming on May 15, 1994, called 'Pioneer Day."  The member wore old timely costumes-- men in overalls and women in long dresses with bonnets.  They invited several of the former pastors to come....Rev. Floyd McAuley (who was 97, Rev James Brown, Rev Marvin Hembree, and Rev. Lewis McKinney. Mary Kathryn and her son Terry came representing the late Rev. Jerry Smith.  Nearly 100 people attended, and they had a church wide dinner following the service. (2)

Upgrading Projects:  Rev.  Forrest also led in several upgrading projects on work days.  Several of the men and boys remodeled the inside of the church steeple and revived the old church bell, which hadn't been rung in years.  Now it is rung every Sunday morning before worship time, just like the old days.....upgraded the kitchen and installed new bathroom fixtures.

The Flying Squirrel:  Rev Forrest is known for having a good snese of humor, and one day while he was preaching, he brilliantly handled what could've been a very funny and disturbing experience.  The story is told that a flying squirrel entered the sanctuary right in the middle of Rev. Forrest's sermon.  Everyone was shocked at the sight of this visitor.  But Roy calmly said, "Don't worry about that squirrel, he's fine; so I'll just finish what I've started."  One member said, "He went on preaching,but we all had or feet in the air and our eyes on the squirrel."