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The Ministry of Rev. Randall L. Smith:  From 1990-94.....severed as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Pickens, but the time came for me to move.  So, on November 13, 1994, I preached in the evening service at Gap Hill Baptist Church, Six Mile, for the pastor search committee of NLBC.  The committed consisted of five members:  Rudy Cox, Oscar Daniel, Mary Daniel, Bill McCombs, and Grady McCombs.  On Tuesday, January 17, 1995, I interviewed with the committee in the Educational Building of the church for the position of pastor.  My wife Donna was there with me, and they showed us the church and parsonage. They said they wanted me to preach a trail sermon, so I prayed bout it, and on Sunday morning, February 26, I preached for the very first time behind the New Liberty pulpit.  My message was "Keep the Flame Burning," based on Acts 5:29.  At the conclusion of the service ,the people voted unanimously to call me as pastor, and I enthusiastically accepted.  It was the beginning of my ministry at NLBC, and we've had some very great and wonderful times here since that day. (2)

The Easter Revival:  In April of 1995, we were planning a Spring Revival.  The folks were excited, the spiritual fever was at an all time high, and we were anticipating a great series of meetings.  I fully intended on having someone come in to preach, but some of church leaders would have nothing of it.  Their wish was for me to preach, and their plan was to let as many people in the community know about  it as possible so they could come and hear the new pastor.  We advertised on the television, radio, and local newspapers.  It was one of the most  publicized revivals NLBC ever had.  We even place flyers on window and drink machines all though the town of Travelers Rest.  Teams of visitor went all though the community, getting the word out to everyone around.  Many of us than gathered a the home of Harold and Sue Capps on Thursday night, April 6, for a cottage prayer meeting.  We prayed earnestly  and had for the Lord to stir up the fires of NLBC, and then the time came.  It was an Easter weekend revival, April 14-16,.  The first night we had fifty present.  It was a great service, and the Lord truly was in our presence.  The next evening was Saturday, and we had 93 present.  It was on of the highest attended service NLBC had had in a long time.  We concluded with another exciting service on Easter Sunday morning with 90 people in attendance.  Rev. and Mrs. Steve Rutledge were there, and we all gathered after the service for a picture of the congregation of the steps of the church.  Rev. Rutledge, our Director of Missions, took the picture....Those were three of the most special and exciting services I've ever been a part of.  Many recommitted themselves to the Lord, and there was a renewed enthusiasm borne at NLBC. (2)

Air Conditioning in the Parsonage:  ....July 95.

Senior Adult Day:  Then July 16th we had a special old timely day at the church honoring our senior adults.  Rev. Marvin Hembree preached in the morning service, which was attended by over 70 people.  Many of the members dressed in old timey costumes and put antiques and old photos on display.  We also had a coved dish dinner following the service....(2)

The Birth of Jonathan Randall Smith:  The church gave us a bay shower and dinner after the morning service of August 20, and nineteen days later,my wife Donna gave birth to our little boy Jonathan, September 8.  Jonathan was the fist bay born to the wife of a NLBC pastor in a long time...(2)

Deacon Ordination:  Deacon election came September 3, 1995...on September 24, with a large crowd in attendance, I had the privilege of leading in the ordination of Jeff Bayne and David Johnson.  It was the first such service in my ministry.

Oil Furnace in the Parsonage:  November 15, 1995, (2)

Joint Thanksgiving Service:....at Cox Chapel Baptist Church on Wednesday, November 22.  Other churches participating were Cross Plains and Walnut  Grove.  I had the privilege of leading the service in prayer: Renee Crowe and ...... Sam Benson..sang....Carey Edwards, pastor of Cross Plains, preached....(2)


High Attendance Campaign:  Then in March of 1996, I felt led to lead the church in a month long high attendance campaign.  The first Sunday, March 3, was 'Pack a Pew Day." ...80 present. Among visitors who came, two eventually joined the church by transfer of letter.  ......March 10, was "Bring a Friend Day."...78 folks were present....The third Sunday, March 17, was "Bring a Relative Day."....100!  It was also "Baby Dedication Day".  ....I along with Donna, dedicated Jonathan...Mason and Parker Bayne and Torie Gilstrap.  Then, the forth Sunday came.  We called March 24th "Don't Break Jesus' Heart Day."  We gave puzzle pieces to church members and visitors the week before and asked them to come on the 24th with their piece.  Our goal was to fill all the pieces in Jesus' heat so it wouldn't be broken.  We had 70 in attendance.  The final Sunday, March 31, was "High Attendance Day".  We had 72 people... (2)

Spring Revival with Rev. Mike Bowling:  Pastor of Renfrew Baptist Church, led us in an exciting revival during the week of April 21-24, 1996.....two joined by letter and one by baptism. (2)

My First Baptismal Service:  ...April 28...baptized my sister-in-law Shana Duncan...Anna Beacham and Charlie Gambrel....both girls where nine...Charlie after hearing a stirring message by Evangelist David Ring went forward to receive Christ under the tent at the August 1995 North Greenville Tent Crusade.....(2)

Music Director:  Renee Crowe was the music director during my first year as pastor.. she felt led of the Lord to move on....on June 30..her family in a group called 'The Living Waters Quartet."...Mr. Bill Carter as music director on October 6, 1996.  He had earlier served in the same position at Mush Creek Baptist Church....decided to move on....May 25, 1997...(2)


Pastor Appreciation Day:  March 23, 1997, the church honored Donna, Jonathan and me....dinner...gift certificate from..... (2

Spring Revival with Rev. Tim Lee:  March 23...Pastor of Reedy River Baptist Church...many attended...(2)

The Busy Bees:  New Liberty has several members who are senior adults, and when Rev. Hembree was pastor, they had an active ministry to those of that age group.  However, in recent years, such ministry had unfortunately become inactive......revive the NLBC Senior Adult ministry.  I met on Sunday evening, April 6, with the group, that they elected Joe & Leona Dorriety as their leaders.  Joe and Leona had just joined the church on December 8, 1996, and I do believe God brought them to NLBC for this ministry, for they have don a great job.  The group named themselves the "Busy Bees."  Vivian McCombs later described them: 'Busy as bees and sweeter than honey."  They soon bought matching T-shirts and have had a lot of exciting activities. In one of the Busy Bee meetings, they had a hot do supper and invited Larry Blount of WYFF, Channel 4 News, to talk to them about scams.  A short segment of the meeting was then shown on the news that evening, with Blount interviewing Leona.  (2)

Hot Dog and Yard Sales for Building Fund:  ....future repairs...Charles Jeffords enthusiastically led us in this endeavor.  On two back to back Saturdays, April 12 and 19, we had tremendous success with hot dog and yard sales.  In the two sales combined, we made over a thousand dollars.  ....(2)

The Call of Chad Hastings as Music Director:  ......June 3.....Our music committee interviewed Chad on Thursday, June 5 and on Sunday, June 22 the church voted to call him.....(2)

Petition Against a Local Restaurant's Beer License:  New Liberty is a church which faithfully stands for the Lord on moral issues.  Anytime we, as Christian families, feel threatened by the evils of the world, we stand up against them.  And on August 10, 1997, I asked the congregation to assist me by signing a petition against a local restaurant's application for a license so sell alcohol.  Several who were present signed, and I sent it, along with a formal complaint letter.  I also personally called the restaurant and the district manger, letting them know know our concern.  We prayed, waited, and then on August 25, we got a response.  The restaurant decided to withdraw its application for a license to sell alcohol. ...(2)

The Pathmakers:  ...all under the age of 55.  So, on October 23...."Pathmakers" and the group elected Chad and me as co-presidents.  On December 11, the Pathmakers went to Haywood Mall in Greenville to sponsor needy children on the angel tree.  Then on January 24, 1998, we went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to see the lights of Winterfest.


Pastor Appreciation Day:  March 8...they honored me and my family for our third anniversary as pastor.  They gave us a dinner and $231 on a money tree.  We felt so loved and appreciated on that special day. (2)

The New Message Board Sign:  New Liberty has always and a sign with the church name on it, but never had a message board.  So I asked, Bill McCombs, a talented wood worker in the church, to wok on the project.  The Brotherhood purchased plastic eight-inch letters, and Bill made the sign.  Then, on March 25, 1998, the message board was completed, and the first message displayed was, "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.'  .....(2)

Spring Revival:  April 23-26 we had a weekend revival with a different speaker each night.  I preached on Thursday...text was Daniel 5 and my message was "The Handwriting on the Wall."  Dr Wayne Dickard of Southside Baptist Church in Easley preached Saturday night from Acts 1:8, His topic was soul winning, and there was a great movement at the altar.  Then on Sunday night, Rev. Mickey Thomas of Highland Baptist Church in Taylors preached from Mark 5.  He brought many from his congregation and a group from his church called "New Jerusalem Singers."  The place was packed out, and the Lord really moved in that wonderful service.  Several made recommitments to the Lord in that exciting revival. (2)

150 Year Celebration Day:  Saturday, May 23, was a special day for NLBC.  several people from all around came from 3:00 until 7:000 PM to help us celebrate the church's 150th year of existence.  Some who attended were former members who hadn't been to Ne Liberty in many years.  A lot of folks dressed in outfits to Timey Day."  A lot of folks dressed in outfits to remind us of the 1800's and early 1900's.  Many of the women wore long dresses and bonnets, and several of the men wore overalls.  Grady McCombs and some co-workers from his job cleared off a path in the woods leading to the old outdoor baptismal pool.  It was truly special to many older members who were able to see the old pool and remember some of the outdoor baptisms of their generations; and it was great for the younger folks,, too, as they get to see where and how it used to be.....(2)

We sold hot dogs, drinks, lemonade, and baked goods,with all proceeds going to the church building fund.  Jean Johnson, Grady and B.J. McCombs, Bill and Vivian McCombs, Gene and Barbara Buchanan, all helped with the hot dog sale.  Leona Dorriety, Rudy Bowen, and Sue Capps helped with the bake sale.  Several ladies in the church were so generous to provide many delicious cakes, cookies, and brownies.  Mary Daniel and Sheila Jones sold lemonade, making it such a special old timely kind of day.  And others who helped in all kinds of ways were Frances and Rudy Cox and Joe Dorriety.  (2)

We also had many old photos on display.  These photos were reminders of church events in the forties through nineties and were put in the church for all of us to see by Frances Cox, Genobia Hall, Sam Benson, and Maxine Hill. (2)

Charles and Darleen Jeffords helped organize and old timely room filled with antiques.  It was such a neat experience, walking around looking at items as old as fifty or more years.  Some things dated many as 100 years old.  Jean Johnson and Grady McCombs also helped with this display. (2)

David and Hal Johnson led us all in some fun games such as horseshoes, checkers, and sack races.  A friendly competition between the Busy Bees and the Pathmakers drew a lot of attention and fun.  Joe and Jim Dorriety played for the Busy Bees against Hal Johnson and Charles Jeffords of the Pathmakers, and the Busy Bees won.  It was such an exciting moment for the Busy Bees' leader, Leona Dorriety.  She had so much fun showing off the blue ribbon for her team's victory. (2)

We also had some great Gospel music.  Chad Hastings, our music director, led in this part of the celebration.  A group from North Carolina called "In His Will" blessed the hears of all who listened.  The singings were held for about fifteen to twenty minutes on every hour.  Others who sang were Chad, Sam Benson, and the New Liberty Choir.  We were then blessed in the final hour with former members, Gary and Debbie Cox.  They touched the hears of us all as they sang for the glory of God.  We conclude the day's events, assembled in the church auditorium, singing "Happy 150th Birthday" to New Liberty.  It was such a great day and one that will be remembered by all who came for long, long time. (2)

Miracles at New Liberty:  We've seen miracles since I've been here.  Patsy Calvert and Joyce Buchanan are two ladies who've had near death experiences, but we prayed and the Lord delivered the.  Jean Johnson was diagnosed with cancer; we prayed for her and she was healed.  To God be the Glory!  Darleen Jeffords had a really serious surgery in Charleston in 1996, and the Lord brought her though it. New Liberty was offering up intercessory prayers for her.  I, myself, was told after a biopsy that I had malignant melanoma, a disease that my older brother died form in 1993.  I'll never forget the whole church gathering in a circle, holding hands, with me in the middle.  They prayed or their pastor, and after an excision to remove the cancerous mole, the second biopsy showed I was completely healed.  God worked the miracle, and I praise Him for it.  I've visited several of our members in hospitals and have been there with many during surgeries,including the birth of Chad and Kimberly's son Timothy, on April 6, 1998.  yes, not doubt about it, we truly have sen many miracles at NLBC.  (2)

The Wedding;  ....but only one at NLBC....officiating in the wedding of Chris Baker and Mercedes Jeffords on December 21, 1997.  (2)

Funerals:  ....preached in thirteen funerals....James "Junior" Poplin, Grove Capps, Bud Capps, Frances Hawkins, Maude Ellison, Lee Roy Grambrell, Keirston and Savannah Moore, Frances Sparks, George Henderson, Lodelia smith, Scott Cannon, John Elbert Stamey and Alvin Hines. (2))

Homecoming:  NLBC was established in May 1848 and has always had its homecoming between May and October.....On October 8, 1995, we had Rev. John Tolliosn.  On October 13, 1996...Rev Fred Cobbs,  October 19, 1997 we had Rev. James Brown...October 18, 1998...blessed with the return of three former pastors:  Rev. Tollison, Rev Fay Lanford, and Rev. Eddie Saxon.  That day will also be the day this book will be presented....(2)

Fifth Sunday Singing:  We always had a fifth Sunday singing at NLBC...Rev B.I. Epting came a couple of times to play his many harmonica; Mike Galloway blessed us with his wonder voice; In His Will, The Living Waters Quartet, the Gloryland Singers and many others have led in these singings.....Rettew family of Greer...in October 19, 1997...It's a family of 21  children, most all of whom are adopted.  They are children of mixed races and nationalities. Many of them were handicapped and were rejected at birth.  Some of the children sang in that service, and I don't believe there was a dry eye in the house....(2)

New Doors:  On Saturday, June 20, new front doors were installed on the church.  They were anonymously given by one of the members...(2)


Building Repair:   April 18- Praise the Lord for al the wonderful work that's been done on our church.  Doesn't it look great!  AJ Painting painted the windows of the church.  Finley Siding covered all the wood on the church, including the steeple with beautiful vinyl siding; and installed six inch seamless gutters.  Freddie McGill Roofing Company replace some missing shingles on he roof of the steeple.  Wright Metal Products made us a beautiful stainless steel five foot cross to go on top of the steeple. Bob Bonoit along with his helper Dale West put the cross on the steeple and Campbell Crane, Inc. supplied the lift to put the cross on the steeple.  Thanks to all who donated money to the building fund, to make this work became a reality.  Pastor Randy.

Music Director Chad Hastings Resigns:  April 15; David Johnson Interim Music Director.

New Music Director Matt Eudy:  On Sunday, May 30 Matt will come to lead music in our Sunday Morning service and after ward the church will vote on him.  Matt is a dedicated, young Christian who has been called of God in the music ministry.  Matt just gradated from North Greenville College.  He has a B.A. in Church music.  He has been involved in several areas of music; concert choir, NGC Singers, Barhershop Quartet and director of BSU music of a semester at NGC.   Matt also has sang in  a Southern Gospel group and a Christian contemporary group.  In the summer of 1997, he was Director of music at the Marietta Baptist Camp and was a camp counselor in 1992 and 1994.


Revival:  May 21-24; The Rev. Wayne Dickard, Director of Mission for the North Spartan Association will be the guest speaker.

VBS:  July, Our VBS was very successful.  We averaged around 32 per night including the workers.....52 in attendance on Friday night for parents night......David Johnson, VBS Director

Homecoming:  October 8, Today is homecoming for NLBC.  A special time for sharing memories and renewing friendships.  A time for laughter, tears of joy,smiles, hugs, and brotherly love expressed to one another.  Let's all make this a special day in the life of our great church, which is now 152 years old. 

On behalf of all NLBC members, I would like to welcome all visitors and former members here today.  You are special to us, and it's our hope and prayer that you'll have a great day with us as we worship the Lord and fellowship together.  Also, a special welcome to Rev. Martin, Hembree and Avolenia Hembree and Rev Ray Forrest and Martha Forrest. These great two men of God will speak in today's service.  To God be the glory for what He's going to do on this Homecoming Day!  Pastor Randy


Renovations in the Sanctuary:  November 25,  We are very excited and praising the Lord, here at NLBC, for some renovations that have been completed in our sanctuary.  the whole inside of the auditorium has been painted; new carpet installed; the floors, pews and pulpit furniture sanded and recovered with polyurethane; and new padding put on the pews to match the carpet.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

We are going to meet for worship in the newly renovated sanctuary on Sunday Morning, November 25, at 11:00 AM for a special service of thanksgiving and celebration.

You are especially invited to join us as we celebrate this work done in the Lord's House.  Please come; you'll most definitely be welcome, and without doubt will be blessed.  Rev. Randall Smith.


Matt Eudy Resigns as Music Director:  Last service on February 10,2002.

David Lowery called as Music Director:   First service on April 7, 2002

Rev. Randall Smith Resigns:  We would like to invite you to our services on Sunday October 27, at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  The 5:00 PM service well be a "Mayberry Bible Study" followed by a soup supper in the fellowship building.  This will be the last day of service for Rev. Randall Smith as pastor of NLBC.  Pastor Randy bas been with us for over 7 1/2 years, since, February 26, 1995.

He, Donna, Jonathan and Jennifer, are moving to West Pelzer, South Carolina, where he will begin serving as pastor on November 3rd at West Pelzer Baptist Church.  Donna also is two months pregnant with their third child.

Please make this a special day, by helping us fill the church, and send Pastor Randy and family off with our blessings as he moves on in God's Kingdom work.  If you can make it to  one or both of the services, Pastor Randy and family would sure be glad to see you.  God bless, and we hope you can come.  Mr. David Lowery, Minister of Music